Uber drivers are employed and must be employed under a collective labor agreement

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The court in Amsterdam broke the resilient fairy tale that describes employees as “free entrepreneurs” rather than employees with associated rights. At least for the American taxi company Uber. The trade union FNV has filed a lawsuit to end practices that significantly deteriorate the legal situation of employees. Uber drivers typically earn less than the minimum wage at the multi-billion dollar company. The court rules in favor of the union and Uber commands To hire drivers and pay the salary according to the collective labor agreement for taxi transportation.

The sub-district court ruling means that Uber is obligated to apply the CLA to the employment contracts of these drivers, during the periods in which the CLA has been declared globally binding. In some cases, these drivers can claim a delayed salary. In addition, Uber must pay FNV compensation of 50,000 euros for non-compliance with the collective labor agreement for taxi transportation.

in the current situation Union says:

According to FNV, this statement fits with the growing resistance in society against delusional self-employment and the exploitation that comes with it. FNV deals with several platforms that take advantage of these builds and recently won an appeal against Deliveroo. There is also growing political opposition to the excesses of flexible working. Last year, the Borstlap Committee opposed this, and in June the SER recommended that workers whose hourly wages are less than 30-35 euros should be automatically considered as employees and not as self-employed.

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from I mentioned NOS:

Cases have also been filed against Uber in other European countries, including Switzerland, the United Kingdom and Belgium. In the UK, Uber has classified around 70,000 drivers as employed after a court ruling, giving them the right to minimum wage and vacation pay. The company notes that this rating is only available in the UK.

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