UFC Vegas 60 | Cory Sandhagen on Bossche Bollen, Kale and Carnival with Andy Sauer

Andy Sauer

Sandhagen trained in Den Bosch in the distant past. He was contacted by American Andy Sauver through coach Duane Ludwig. Sandhagen was a big fan of K-1 and Andy Souwer in particular. Chandaken still has a good relationship with Sauvar. It was unreal that he was training with his big hero at that time.

Eight years ago Corey Sandhagen came to the Netherlands to train with Andy Sauver (Photo Credit: Sandhagen IG)

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Calle, Carnival & Bossche Bollen

It was definitely a culture shock for Sandaken when he came to Den Bosch from America. He says that after getting used to it, the birthday parties somehow continued. Chandagan also loves Bossche Bollen. He, on the other hand, prefers to avoid herring. He also liked kale. He still does it regularly in America. Chandagan wants to go around the carnival again.


Chandagan learned a lot from his time in the Netherlands. He was able to experience up close what it was like to train with a great kick boxer. He still uses the techniques he learned then.

Points of progress

Chandagan did not fight for almost a year. He wanted to work on his skills. He doesn’t want to be a glamor fighter, but will eventually win the title. According to the American, there was still room for improvement in all aspects of the game. This should work if you want to top the division.

Corey Chandagan is fighting in his third UFC main event

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Song Yatong

Song Yatong is adept at selecting techniques. It works well for him. However, Santhajen feels that the song is not fluent enough to win him over. Sandaken hopes to capitalize on this. Chandagan is wary of Chinese power. This further encourages skepticism.

Zhang Yadong kills Marlon Moraes with a stunning punch to pick up a crucial bantamweight victory.

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Chandaken says it is an important party in the rankings. He wants to fight a little earlier. Because the longer you don’t fight, the more you fade into oblivion. For this fight, taking the hit is very important. Then the client can see again.

Cory Chandagan in action

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