Uganda government confirms 17 deaths from Ebola outbreak | Abroad

The new Ebola epidemic in Uganda has killed at least 17 people in three weeks. This was stated by the Ministry of Health in Kampala.

The World Health Organization reported 29 deaths last week. But Uganda is only counting the number of deaths among confirmed patients. The World Health Organization also counts the number of “suspected” people who have died of Ebola.

The Ugandan Ministry has confirmed 48 confirmed cases of Ebola since the start of the new epidemic. The first cases were reported last month in the central Mubindi district. The epidemic then spread to the neighboring districts of Kasanda, Kijigua and Kagadi.

The country last recorded cases of Ebola in 2019, with at least five deaths. At the time, according to the World Health Organization, the virus entered the country via Congo, which was struggling with a major outbreak in the country’s northeast.

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