Uitgeest is in full swing to realize the new village garden and sports hall

The mayor’s college and local council members have started implementing the agreements reached in the Uitgeest 2022-2026 Cooperation Agreement. The creation of a new village park and gymnasium between Geesterweg, Castricummerweg and Populierenlaan will give Uitgeest a quality boost with a variety of sport and exercise facilities. In addition, the demolition of the old sports hall De Meet will create space for housing development.

Building a new gym

On January 27, 2022, the city council identified the site (next to Castricummerweg) for the construction of a new sports hall to replace the old De Meet sports hall. A draft zoning plan for construction on this site will be drawn up, which will be submitted to the Spatial Planning Commission and eventually to the City Council after the summer recess.

The draft zoning plan will also be made available for residents to view. In the meantime, the design of the new sports hall is being worked out in collaboration with existing users of De Meet, IJsclub Uitgeest, the education sector and Slangen + Koenis Architecten. According to the current schedule, the new gym will be completed in 2024.

Completion of village park with ice skating facility

The Municipal Executive considers it important that the area adjacent to the new gymnasium (towards Populierenlaan) is as green as the green lung of the village, multifunctional and can be used all year round. There will be room for various sports, such as group training and outdoor fitness.

There is also space for events such as the attraction fair, which was successfully held on this site for the first time this year. There is an unpaved track space of about 250 meters in front of the ice club, including the indoor area. It is important that at least young people can continue to ski here.

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Current development plans

Alderman René Oud: We are happy and proud of the current development plans and the steps we will take. Our municipality keeps its green lung. With the new sports hall and futuristic village garden design, we provide a versatile place for young and old. Due to changes in spatial use, the current lease agreement with IJsclub Uitgeest has been terminated.

Ice Club Uitgeest

together with Ice Club Uitgeest The municipality wants to make agreements about use for the upcoming winter period, so that skiing is still possible. The Council will develop the Village Garden Plan and submit it to the City Council in mid-2023. Together with IJsclub Uitgeest, we are working towards a future-proof new rental relationship.

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