UK Government: It is a criminal offense to share your Netflix password

Exchanging passwords for Netflix or Disney + is very popular among friends and relatives. This is roughly what it looks like Third A user of Dutch Broadcasting at someone else’s expense. Companies lose a lot of revenue, but they haven’t been too hard about it so far.

The UK copyright watchdog IPO warned UK citizens this week that sharing streaming subscription passwords is illegal. speaking He tells the BBC Sharing login details is “punishable under both civil and criminal law”. Since users violate the terms of video services, companies may sue them. Companies can then claim compensation.

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To date, no streaming service has filed lawsuits against subscribers in this regard. There was also no case through the criminal law.

The CPS says it looks into such cases on a case-by-case basis, and notes that a police investigation must first take place. According to the BBC, “there is no indication that British police forces will open an investigation” into such a crime. In the Netherlands, criminal law is not governed, but the streaming service can claim compensation in a civil case.

Netflix comes with an additional fee for login sharing

Netflix coming soon Tighter control When you share your login information with people outside your home. Netflix will charge an additional monthly amount for this from the beginning of 2023. Netflix has had this new additional fee in recent months Already tested In five countries in Latin America, where it costs an additional $3 per month. It will be introduced worldwide in the first quarter of 2023.

Netflix users can set one location as their home address. While traveling, they can use the service without restrictions on devices such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops. Netflix says it uses device IP addresses, device IDs, and account activity, among other things, to determine whether logins are shared with people outside the home.

The Wanderers have been moved to new accounts

With the tougher approach, Netflix is ​​hoping to convince “hardcore” subscribers to get their own. That should also be easier because “free roamers” can add their profile to a new post It can be exported to a new subscription. This way, they can take all their recommendations, viewing history, saved titles, games and settings with them.

Cheaper subscription

Netflix also recently created one Cheaper subscription with ads, which is supposed to provide more new subscribers. This new subscription started in November in the first countries. It is not yet known when the cheap option will become available in the Netherlands.

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