UK Minister: Netflix should warn that the Crown Prince …

British Culture Minister Oliver Dowden thinks Netflix should warn this the crown Imaginary. Dowden told British media that he would ask the broadcasting service to add a report in a letter.

According to the minister, the show is “a beautiful work of imagination,” he said. However, as with other TV series, Netflix should clearly state in a warning message that it is a fantasy. “Without it, I fear that a generation of viewers who have not witnessed these events will mistake the imagination for reality.”

Dowden comment follows After mounting criticism Including Kings Correspondents about “lying” the crown. This followed after the release of the fourth season on November 15. The new series includes the difficult relationship between Prince Charles and Diana and revolves around her eating disorder. Mrs. Dee’s brother, Charles Spencer, also called for a warning at the start of each episode.

Despite the criticism, the series remains very popular. According to British media, last week the series was watched by 29 million people. In total, the series has already attracted more than 70 million viewers.

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