Ukraine needs more time to prepare for a counterattack • The United States to use the assets of the sanctioned oligarchs to rebuild Ukraine

Ukraine needs more time before the long-awaited counter-offensive against Russian forces begins. which has Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said during an interview with multiple international media in Kiev.

According to the Ukrainian president, the most important preparations have been completed. The president made it clear that combat brigades and forces, some of which have been trained in NATO countries, are ready. We are still waiting for part of the equipment promised by the West, including armored vehicles. Much of it has arrived now, but not all of it yet.

“With what we already have we can go ahead and, I think, be successful,” the president said in an interview with Eurovision News member public broadcasters, including the BBC. But we will lose a lot of people. I think this is not acceptable. So we have to wait. We need more time.

Ukraine has been preparing for months for a counteroffensive to liberate the occupied regions in the south and east of the country. Now that the weather has improved and a large portion of Western weapons have arrived, including modern Leopard-2 tanks, speculation has been rife for weeks that an attack could break out at any moment.

But Western pundits and politicians, overtly and behind the scenes, have expressed Ukraine’s undisguised ability to make significant territorial gains from the counteroffensive. aUnlike the successful Ukrainian counteroffensive last fall, the Russian military now had plenty of time to do so Prepare for a counterattack. As a result, the Ukrainian army will probably not be able to surprise the Russians. Dre recently have The Russian army dug hundreds of kilometers of trenches along Front line, extending from Luhansk and Donetsk in the east and Zaporizhia and Kherson in southern Ukraine.

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