Ukraine wants to prepare for NATO membership, a restrained American response

The United States government responded with little enthusiasm to Ukraine’s request for NATO membership. Zelensky of Ukraine wants his country to get there Special program for NATO For countries wishing to join the European / American military alliance.

from previous days Tensions are running high in eastern Ukraine, and according to Zelensky, NATO membership is the only way to achieve peace in his country. In addition, it will send a clear signal to Russia that supports the separatists in the east.

A spokesman for US President Biden said that the Ukrainians have long wanted to join NATO and that the US government is also talking to them about this. But NATO is the only one about membership ».

According to the US State Department, the door to NATO is always open for countries that reach the limit, but Ukraine is not ready yet. “The reforms still need to create a more stable, democratic, prosperous and free country.” The Pentagon confirmed, for its part, that NATO had already decided in 2018 that Ukraine would join the alliance, but did not provide further details.

Zelensky gets close to NATO commanders

In recent days, President Zelensky made his appeal personally to various NATO leaders, including Secretary General Stoltenberg. This conveys the Alliance’s major concerns about Russian military activities.

NATO continues to work closely with Ukraine, Stoltenberg tweeted:

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