Ukrainian cultural heritage is seriously threatened by art theft and bombing

Meanwhile, the people of Ukraine are working with all their might to protect art. Many museums have housed their collections in safer locations.

They receive assistance from organizations such as the Aliph Foundation, an international partnership to protect art in conflict zones. The organization has opened repositories in various places in Ukraine where museums can bring their collections.

“It’s important that the art is stored properly,” says Sandra Bialystok of Aliph. “The temperature must be appropriate, the humidity must not be too high, everything to secure the art.”

A great responsibility falls on the shoulders of the directors of Ukrainian museums. “Many directors have been sleeping in the museum every night for months to protect their collection. They have to fend for themselves.”


In addition to looting, Russian air strikes pose a significant danger to Ukrainian museums, churches, and other historical buildings. Art historian Akinsha says there is evidence that they were deliberately beaten by the Russians.

Bombs regularly fall on historical buildings of great cultural value:

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