Umbrella Academy: Where does Reginald come from?

The Netflix series The Umbrella Academy has a big central mystery that we’re partially revealing.

in only two seasons, Umbrella Academy It raises a lot of questions, to which we still don’t have the answers. So we don’t know where Reginald Hargreaves comes from.

In the Netflix series, we learn about the Hargreeves family, which consists of seven adopted children. They were born at the same time as 36 other children on the same day and, at the same time, to women who were not pregnant until that time. Billionaire scientist Hargreaves adopted as many of these children as possible, and they ended up with seven. They developed superpowers and were trained by him at the Umbrella Academy.

Season one sees flashbacks to a young Reginald, who shares moments with his dying wife. What is remarkable about this scene is that it does not happen on Earth at all. Then we see him arrive in the United States, where Reginald buys an old umbrella factory.

Season 2 confirms that Reginald is not from Earth. He visits the Majestic 12 and reveals his true nature, only to have them all killed. While we don’t know where he came from, one theory is that Reginald sent the survivors of his home planet all to the moon.

That’s why Reginald was sending Luther to the moon and interfering with the space race. Even in the comics all these questions are there Umbrella Academy You haven’t answered yet.

Hopefully season 3 will bring some. Could you Umbrella Academy Streaming on Netflix.

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