UN Security Council adopts resolution on humanitarian aid to Afghanistan | abroad

Today, the United Nations Security Council approved a resolution that enables one-year humanitarian assistance for Afghanistan. A Taliban spokesman described the decision as a “good step forward”.

Afghanistan economically on the brink of collapse. The resolution, proposed by the United States, was approved unanimously. It is hoped that the Taliban will not benefit from it. The rule of the Taliban has not yet been recognized by the international community.

The resolution states that the provision of goods and services essential to basic humanitarian needs in Afghanistan is “permitted” and does not violate the sanctions imposed on the Taliban. The text aims to reduce the risk of refugee flows into neighboring countries and respond to the growing need for assistance.

If it turns out the money is going to sanctioned people, the help can be reversed, said a diplomat, who asked not to be identified. The resolution includes a review of the destination of humanitarian aid in the two months following its distribution, and a United Nations report on the operation of aid every six months.

“It is a good step and we appreciate it because it can help the economic situation in Afghanistan,” said Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid. He hopes that the “accelerated process” will allow the lifting of economic sanctions targeting Taliban entities.

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