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In many Belgian municipalities, fines are imposed for speeding offenses due to the sudden activation of section controls and the (simultaneous) removal of warning signs. One motorist has already received 11 fines.

Belgium is full of road checks. They are installed at lightning speed, especially in Flanders. 225 department checks are planned, many of which have already been activated. Other checkpoints will be activated in the coming months. In Wallonia, it was planned to check “only” 25 departments, some of which have not yet been installed.

Despite activating several new departmental checks in recent weeks, the federal police have failed to inform municipalities. At the same time, the Belgian Road and Traffic Agency has removed the warning signs for section checks in many places. The result was a huge amount of fines in some areas.

eleven fine

Many people were angry and frustrated that fines, on average, did not arrive until two weeks later, so that offenders were not immediately aware of their wrongdoing. Many people have already received two or three fines for slightly exceeding the speed limit – 72 or 73 km/h where you can drive at 70 km/h – but many fear that will follow. Motorist already received 11 fine on the bus.

“Our goal is to get people to drive slower, not to impose fines,” Kenroy Mayor Jo Bruns told the Belgian newspaper. Newspaper in a comment. “By activating speed cameras silently and removing warning signs, you only create frustration and misunderstanding. This is why starting a new speed camera or lane control is always preceded by a media campaign.”

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You can find route checks in Flanders here. and click here For the checks department in Wallonia.

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