Unforgettable races: Australian Grand Prix 2010

Photo: Pirelli (Charles Coates / LAT Photo) ref: Digital Image _X5J0068

Jensen Button joined the McLaren squad for the 2010 season. He won the Fran GP World Championship the year before. In the first race of 2010 in Bahrain, Button only finished seventh, but he overcame it on March 28 in Australia.

The Melbourne race was ahead, full of action and events. In contrast to the boring first race of the season. Button gave McLaren a champion-worthy performance in a match on a drying track.

Photo: Byrelli (Photo by Steven Dee / Lot)

The whole field had started at intervals, but the rain stopped as soon as the race began. In the first corner of the race, things almost went wrong for Button. He attacked Fernando Alonso and he left no space inside. Alonso spun and damaged the front of Michael Schumacher. Button teammate Lewis Hamilton was knocked out and pushed to seventh. Button on the seventh lap decided to go into the pits for a set Pieces.

A few minutes later, the rest of the field followed Button’s example. Renault graduated from world champion Robert Cubica. Sebastian Vettel was the only one in front of him when all of the pit stops were over. When Vettel’s Red Bull’s brakes broke in half in the race, Button threw the lead in his lap.

Photo: Byrelli (Photo by Steven Dee / Lot)

Bold decision

Martin Whitmersh, then McLaren captain, admitted that Button had decided to go. Pieces To exchange. “A good decision, he kept his tires well, but it was his courage that finally gave him the victory. I thought it was a bit risky to leave this at the beginning. But the timing was right, it gave him the win.”

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Button said after the race that his decision to replace the tires was mainly due to problems with intermediaries. “I didn’t have any balance on the intermediaries. I had big problems, I missed a lot of places. There was a dry line, but it was still wet in some places. I thought I made a bad decision when I entered the pit alley, it was soaking wet there.”

Photo: Pirelli (Lorenzo Bellanga / LAT photo)

At first, the pit stop seemed a pessimistic move as Britain shot the first field off the track into the following lap. Eventually he found the fastest time of the full race in the second and third fields. So Button made the choice for a pit stop just in time, thus enabling his first win for McLaren, Robert Cubica at Ferrari and Ferrari at Felipe Massa.

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