Unique View, Garage, and Lots of Renovations: This Boulder Pearl Is For Sale | Living in a green heart

funda pearlThose who are seriously looking for peace, space and privacy should dive into the vast land. A former residential and commercial property from the 1930’s at Tempeldijk 5 in Reeuwijk offers the opportunity to realize this dream for €820,000.

The estate agent has good news for those who fear having to embark on a massive renovation: Existing residents have already carried out a good chunk of this. Much has been renovated in recent years, including the kitchen, pantry, sliding doors, toilet room, garden and roofing. Cavity wall insulation and ceiling insulation were also installed, and the complete exterior painting was done. Optical fibers are available. Only the pigeons are still waiting their turn.

The house is centrally located just 5 minutes from the motorway. All desirable amenities within walking or cycling distance. It should be noted that many of the cooler roads in Temple Village are rather narrow. In other words; For every oncoming traffic, horse, tractor, tree nursery or cyclist, you as a motorist have to use a sidecar or quickly move to the side of the road. Sometimes you feel a little dizzy from zigzagging at the destination.


That might be annoying. But it does not outweigh the lively pleasure of this pearl, as the distant view on a pure Dutch peat meadow is truly unique. You don’t have to push each other away from the window to look, because the house is spacious, it has four bedrooms and a well-tended garden with several terraces on different levels.

There is parking in the garage or in front. There is another cellar under the kitchen. The wide landing is used as an office. If desired, an additional bedroom can be made here. The entire floor is laminated. Immediately behind the house there is a veranda with a roof where the owners can dine outdoors for a long time.

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Solar Panels

Sustainability has also transformed Tempeldijk’s population back in time. The house is equipped with 14 solar panels that produced more than 3,100 kilowatts in nine months. It’s nice to show off at Christmas.

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