‘United sign second winter deal at Newcastle and beat rival Burnley’

Newcastle United have named Kieran Tripper as the first best signer and are ready to strike again. According to The Telegraph, the second newcomer should be a surprising name: rival Burnley’s striker Chris Wood.

The current number eighteen in the Premier League has already come in at nineteen. The transfer of the 30-year-old striker from New Zealand could be completed within a week, The Telegraph Melt. Although Wood has only scored three times for Burnley this season, he should take care of goals for the rival.

Macbeth Cambridge United faced a painful FA Cup elimination on Saturday, but will face two other rivals later this month: Seventeen Watford and sixteenth Leeds United. According to The Telegraph, they want to present another new player before the game against Watford. The names of Eddie Nketiah and Divock Origi have been mentioned – although it remains to be seen whether their bosses Arsenal and Liverpool will help – and United are still looking for a central defender in Newcastle.

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