‘Unnecessary concern about frontier posts on Independence Square’

The Suriname government has responded to some concerns about boundary markers in public areas, including Independence Square. Pictures spread on social media, in which someone asked: “Can someone tell me why there are boundary marks in the box? Is it selling now or something?

Ramon Caderbackes, coordinator of the Directorate of Spatial Planning, on Wednesday December 14, 2022 – in conversation with the Communications Service of Suriname (CDS) – indicates that he understands the concerns of the community. “I’m glad people are so vigilant, and that shows citizen engagement.” However, Kadirbagh believes such concern is unnecessary.

As part of the Public Lands Project of the Spatial Planning Directorate of the Ministry of Spatial Planning and Environment (ROM), boundary markers are being placed around various public areas. It includes zoning, which is done in collaboration with the Institute of Land Registry Management and Land Information System (MI-GLIS).

The aim is to prevent these areas from being used for purposes other than those for which they are intended. An example of this is Cultuurtuin, where plots have been issued for housing in the past. There was some turmoil in the community regarding the posts at Independence Square.

Placing boundary points and/or measuring areas is also a problem in the Park of Culture, on May 12 Square and many other squares and public spaces.

Since then, the border posts on Independence Square have been removed.

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