“Unprecedented seismic event” in Iceland: 50,000 earthquakes in three weeks

With 130 volcanoes on their island and associated seismic activity, Icelanders are used to some earthquakes. But volcanologists also assert that they have never experienced as bad as it has in recent weeks.

About 50,000 earthquakes have been measured in the Rikanes Peninsula in the past three weeks. By comparison, 40,000 shocks were felt there over the whole year in the past year.

Experts are talking of an “unprecedented seismic event” that could be a sign of a major volcanic eruption. “In many cases, the volume of tremors was more than 5. I don’t remember having a similar case,” says a local expert. The authorities also warned at the beginning of this month of the risks of a volcanic eruption.

Residents miss a night of rest

“It’s like walking over a suspension bridge that is shaken all the time,” Ranvig Gudmundsdottir told Reuters news agency. She lives in the fishing village of Grindavik, where the tremors are worse. “I’m not afraid, I’m just tired.”

“Don’t get used to it. What I miss the most is a good night’s sleep. You wake up almost every night. Sometimes because you felt the shake, sometimes when it’s over,” city councilor Berjor Bringar Alvorson told a local resident. Newspaper.

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