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Title: New Covid-19 Variant Shifts Focus from Loss of Taste and Smell

Subtitle: UK Health Agency Urges Vaccinations for High-Risk Individuals

In a significant shift from previous indicators, loss of taste and smell is no longer the primary symptom of Covid-19 infection, according to the emergence of a new variant called JN.1 in the United Kingdom. The Office for National Statistics recently conducted a survey, revealing that only 3% of individuals reported a loss of smell, while 2% experienced a loss of taste.

The survey highlighted several other common symptoms experienced by Covid-19 patients. A cough was reported by 23% of respondents, while 31% suffered from a runny nose or sneezing. Headaches were prevalent in 20% of cases, followed by weakness or tiredness (20%), muscle aches (16%), and a sore throat (13%). Surprisingly, sleep disturbances and feelings of worry or anxiety were also reported symptoms by approximately 10% of the surveyed population.

The UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA) has reported an estimated Covid-19 prevalence of 4.2% in England and Scotland, underscoring the need for proactive measures. The UKHSA is urging eligible individuals, including those over 65, individuals at increased risk between 6 months and 64 years old, residents of care homes for older adults, frontline health or social care workers, carers aged 16-64, and those living with someone with a weakened immune system, to receive a seasonal vaccine before January 31.

Professor Steven Riley, the director general for data and surveillance at the UKHSA, emphasizes the importance of limiting contact with others if experiencing Covid-19 symptoms. Additionally, high-risk individuals are strongly encouraged to get vaccinated to protect themselves and those around them. Vaccinations can be booked through local GP or NHS vaccination services, and walk-in vaccination sites are also available to expedite the process.

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As the Covid-19 landscape evolves with the emergence of new variants, it is crucial for individuals to stay informed, closely monitor their symptoms, and take necessary precautions. By adopting a proactive approach and getting vaccinated, the community can help curb the spread of the virus and protect both themselves and vulnerable populations.

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