Update – Coolblue’s PS5 requests are still to come!

Update – Coolblue is still releasing PS5 consoles

Coolblue now has good news for many customers who managed to order the PS5 this morning. Anyone who has placed an order and made a payment can have an email in their inbox. Provides for continued delivery of the console. PlayStation 5 inventory won’t be delivered immediately on Friday, May 28, but a week later. Messages are shared collectively on Twitter, as follows. So if you receive such an email, you are still lucky!

The original post is below:

It has long been known that PS5 Stocks are unwise in the Netherlands. Once the stock is online again, it will sell again within minutes. As a result, people have been very happy to see that Coolblue has a new PS5 stock after a long time it was made available this morning.

If you have applied for a PS5 with a Cool blue The console is eagerly awaited, another disappointment is added. Coolblue registered an error and it turns out that there is no PS5 stock available on the site. All orders are canceled at this point. People who placed an order this morning will get their money back. Coolblue will provide an explanation for this error today. In total, around 1,200 orders will be canceled, according to journalist Ron Furstermans.

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