Urban visits Johnson’s friend in London

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban arrived in London this afternoon to meet with British Prime Minister Boris Johnson. Orban only comes to London for a consultation at 10 Downing Street, since since Brexit went into effect, the UK can really use friends within the EU, says reporter Lea van Beekhoven.

In turn, Urban praises Boris Johnson as one of the bravest European politicians, says van Beekhoven. He admires the prime minister’s Brexit policy, and London needs people within the EU who will support the UK; It remains a trading bloc that has the most relationships and will continue to do the most trade.

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Boris Johnson remains unreliable in Brussels. “They are not happy there with the way he is turning corners with the implementation of the Brexit agreement. Many European countries believe that the autocratic Orban in London will make them less likely to establish relations with the European Union, but it will remain a hindrance. This is one of the signs that the UK under Johnson is not Really tend to play the European game.

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