Urker Reality Stars Gerda and Klass Are Really Married Now: ‘Wonderful, Wonderful Day’ | to watch

They had to wait a while, but Urk reality stars Gerda Ketter and Class Roomex are officially husband and wife. The couple, known from real life soap Urk!He got married last Saturday. Gerda describes the wedding on Facebook as “a wonderful and perfect day.”

Gerda and Klaas have known each other for over ten years, but have been together for about a year. On a TV show Urk! Fans of last season saw how Klaas put on a very special show. He had a tattoo made just above his knee, consisting of two boxes (“yes” and “no”) with the question “Will you marry me?” above it. Gerda made her engagement official with a waterproof sign: she put a cross in the yes box.

The duo married Gerda and Klass at Urk Channel last weekend, in the presence of friends and family.

The duo married Gerda and Klass at Urk Channel last weekend, in the presence of friends and family. © Oscar Luting

TV wedding delayed

docusoap Urk! Follow the fortunes of a number of villagers. The new season started at the end of August. Viewers get a taste of Gerda’s wedding dress and bachelorette holiday, among other things. Pictures of the wedding and accompanying party are yet to come. According to SBS6 spokesperson Chang Wong, viewers can likely enjoy Gerda and Klaas and their wedding in November or December.

The sunny side of Urk

In the current season, in addition to the happiness of Gerda and Klass, the new torch of hairdresser Teun Föhn also passes. Enough nice and cheerful topics. We don’t want to talk about the dark side of Orc. This aspect has appeared quite often in the media,” Wong said at the start of Season 4.

Gerda also wants to put the fishing village of Flevoland in a positive light. So she said Previous interview with stentor: , There are always a lot of prejudices about Urk. We are also part of the community. Many Archaeologists are interested in faith. There are also populations that find this less important and move with the times. We’d like to show that other side of Urk.”

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