US Cabinet Led by Joe Biden: A More Diverse Team than Ever

More Women, Different Races, More People of Color: The new US government headed by Joe Biden will be more diverse than ever. The cabinet composition is very similar to former President Trump’s team.

Biden chose carefully gender, ancestry, and experience. In his victory speech on November 7, he said his government would be “the most diverse in history.”

The boss has also taken this into consideration when selecting the personnel. More than half of them are women. In fact, the communications department in the new president is entirely run by women. It is not unimportant that Biden’s first step toward greater diversity was to have Kamala Harris by his side: America’s first vice president, with an Indian mother and a Jamaican father.

An overview of several of the new Biden ministers:

Interior Minister

Deb Haaland (60) becomes the first home secretary of indigenous origin. Haaland is part of the Laguna Pueblo tribe. Until recently, she was a member of the House of Representatives.

In the United States, the Secretary of the Interior controls the federal statesAnd the National Parks and Affairs with Native Americans. As a minister, Haaland should also contribute to Biden’s green agenda. Tribal leaders and progressive democrats lobbied for Haaland in the weeks leading up to the nomination.

to me CNN She was chosen because she “has fought for all Americans throughout her career, including tribes, rural and colorful communities.”

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