US Department of Justice partially approves Trump’s selection of arbitrator | Abroad

It’s a “special master” position who has to assess the contents of classified and possibly top-secret materials that the FBI seized last month from Trump’s Florida estate.

Earlier on Monday, Trump vetoed the two candidates proposed by the US Department of Justice. The department says it supports both self-proposed candidates, retired judges Barbara Jones and Thomas Griffiths and Derry.

Judge Eileen Cannon, who was nominated by Trump himself shortly before his resignation, granted Trump’s request for independent arbitration. In early August, the FBI found more than 11,000 government documents as well as several empty folders labeled “Confidential.” Where the contents went is still a mystery.

Meanwhile, the former president’s legal advisors opposed Justice’s request to resume examination of the found documents with immediate effect. According to the Department of Justice, for the sake of national security, it was necessary to hurry because Trump may be in possession of more important documents.

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