US Infrastructure Huge Agreement: Biden ‘Big Win’

Reporter Lucas Wagmeister: Historic, but he also cares about Biden

With this Biden achieves the most significant victory of his presidency to date. Finally a big law out of his hand and something previous presidents have failed to do: structurally rebuilding America’s infrastructure. Both sides haven’t allowed each other to deal with it. This problem for years is addressing the root.

This is a breakthrough that will be felt across the United States. At the same time, Biden’s concerns are far from over. He preferred to route both of his big packages through Congress, including his famous group Rebuild betterPlan, but members of Congress do not want to participate. This has to do with deep disagreements within the Democratic Party.

Build back better (BBB) ​​is a social security package: from childcare to elderly care, along with the largest amount of money ever spent on tackling climate change. That’s Biden’s biggest wish, but Democrats disagree. The progressive branch wants to do more on these topics, while the moderates want to strip the law largely and make it cheaper.

Despite its success, the split within Biden’s party over the BBB package could be really ugly for the president.”

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