US Justice Department asks judge to release Trump search warrant | Currently

The US Department of Justice has asked a judge to release the search warrant for the raid on former President Donald Trump’s home. It also intends to announce the delivery of items that the FBI took from Trump’s Mar-a-Lago golf resort.

Attorney General Merrick Garland announced the request at a news conference Thursday. Garland personally authorized the judge to request a search warrant for Trump’s Florida home.

He wants the search warrant and the list of items taken to be made public, because it is in the “public interest”. A third document, in which the concrete suspicions of the FBI are explained, will not be published.

Finally, the minister confirmed that his ministry acted in accordance with the law. He didn’t want to reveal anything else. Garland also did not respond to reporters’ questions.

The request to declare the search warrant and the list can be seen as a response to Trump’s way of talking about the search. The former president describes it as a raid for no reason. Garland noted that Trump and his attorney had both the warrant and the list since the search and could have made it public themselves. they did not.

Trump already received a subpoena in the spring

It was also announced Thursday that Trump had already received a subpoena from the US Department of Justice last spring. Through the subpoena, the administration sought to recover documents taken from the White House without the need for a raid. that reports New York times based on three precursors.

The newspaper wrote that the subpoena may provide more context in Monday’s raid. The fact that Trump was called in first proves that the department first looked for alternatives to the raid.

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Some of the classified documents were already taken during a visit by department officials to Trump’s home in June. On Monday, the FBI is still raiding, because there will be more documents at the Florida golf resort. according to New York times These were highly sensitive national security documents.

Such an unannounced raid is highly politically sensitive and a tool that is not quickly used. Monday’s raid was the first ever against a former US president.

Trump chose not to return the documents

Trump took several boxes of documents from the White House to the Mar-a-Lago golf resort after his 2020 election defeat. In the ensuing months, the National Archives attempted to recover the materials.

The former president only returned fifteen boxes after months of wasting time. It turned out that those boxes contained confidential documents. Then the archive reported to the Ministry of Justice. The ministry later discovered that the classified material was still missing.

Trump has had the option to return the classified documents since leaving the White House, but he hasn’t.

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