US NBC copies – with permission – the formula for the success of the Eurovision Song Contest

Kelly Clarkson and Snoop Dogg, presenters of the American Song Contest, American Song Contest.Getty Images

“And Indiana’s twelve points go to … Nebraska!” Perhaps soon it will be the first edition of the American Song Contest. The American channel NBC copies – of course with permission and after paying an unknown amount – the formula for the success of the Eurovision Song Contest.

In addition to singers and bands from all 50 states and Washington, D.C., participants from five US territories, including Puerto Rico and the Oceanic Island of Guam, also participate. The American Song Contest lasts eight weeks, from March 21 until the final on May 9 – a few days before the Eurovision Song Contest final in Turin.

Although the American bid takes place within one state, voting will also take place here for each state for the other states. As in Europe, the question then becomes how geopolitical preferences will unfold. Will neighbors like Alabama and Georgia vote each other above average? Does New York Need Anything From Florida’s Present?

The US version is hosted by rapper Snoop Dogg and singer Kelly Clarkson. The two know each other as coaches of another talent show: the soundbroadcast in the United States by NBC since 2011.

This American channel has been trying for some time to warm viewers to the European format. Italian band Måneskin, winner last year of the Eurovision Song Contest in Rotterdam, performed on an American episode of the sound† “This amazing scene combines the feeling of supporting your favorite sports team and watching a live performance of an original song,” NBC said in a statement.

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This channel already had plans for this release in 2006. NBC wanted to compete with the popular talent show with its song festival American Idol† Rights for the US version of the Eurovision Song Contest were purchased in 2019 from the European Broadcasting Union, the European show organizer. It has been around for 65 years and last year attracted 183 million viewers.

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