US Netflix viewers celebrate Brad Pitt’s latest ‘Bullet Train’

Brad Pitt He was a big name in Hollywood decades ago and his movies are still doing quite well. This can also be seen Express train. The action is now streaming on Netflix in the US and subscribers love it!

The movie is made by David Leach. In recent years, he has managed to attract a lot of attention with films like John Wick, atomic blonde And the dead pool 2so it is not surprising that the necessary fans were looking forward to the new one Express train.

The box office was impressive. Express train It brought in nearly $240 million against a budget of nearly $90 million. Certainly not bad, especially when you consider that the action movie is not part of a franchise.

despite Express train It is a movie from the Sony studio, Netflix is ​​allowed to show the movie on their streaming service due to a recent deal between the two giants. See announcement below.

Unfortunately, this is (for now) only about America. It is unclear when the film will be released on Dutch Netflix, but due to the huge success it will be Express train Known now in the United States, it is expected that this will also be released in our country Frog. This is often a month or two after release in the US.

Here are a lot of the positive reactions to the movie:

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Watch the trailer below.

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