May 25, 2024


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US Parliament votes to impeach Trump adviser Bannon

US Parliament votes to impeach Trump adviser Bannon

Bannon declined to testify last week because he did not want to comment on his conversations with the then president. On the advice of Trump’s lawyer, he summons Executive Franchise from the president. This is the right of the President to keep confidential information confidential.

But that privilege extends only to the incumbent, and Trump’s successor Biden has already indicated he will not invoke it. The White House said last week that it did not do so because there may have been an “abuse of power, which put democracy itself at risk.”

The commission deliberately summoned Bannon first because resistance was already expected. The House vote allows the prosecution to begin criminal proceedings while the committee continues its work and examines other witnesses.

prison sentence

Bannon’s fate is now in the hands of Attorney General Garland. Biden-appointed Garland emphasized last day that he would strictly adhere to the law in its considerations and not be guided by politics.

Contempt of Congress is punishable by imprisonment from a minimum of one month to a maximum of one year in prison.

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