US refereeing: Champion Aurora Ster (Goffert 369) and Tineke Kroon Sport (Fetse 349)

On Valentine’s Day, the US KFPS team had a “date” with a group of Friesian horses in Gainesville, Florida. “There was a strong cold wind, this time we ruled without hats,” says Jolanda Slootjes. Later in the day the weather improved, but then “a fat truck stopped over our things”. Hats were plaid, jackets dropped, and new writing instruments were arranged. “But we laughed really well.”

In the IBOPs taken by Jolanda and Piet Bergsma, six-year-old Bucephalus (Julius 586 x Laes 278) scored 77.5 points. Lisa Baker of Majestic Acres’ horse becomes Ster with a second installment and the mating champion. The hero of the day was Aurora (Goffert 369 x Remmelt 323) who was ridden by Johnson City’s Tami Amin with a second star premium. The six-year-old mare completed the IBOP with a score of 75.5 points. The young hero Pandora D. Fan Legend (Jouwe 485 x Hessel 480) who received a second bonus was introduced.

Taj mare is the Teneki Day Champion in Ocala

The last inspection site during this trip was at Ocala. “All American horses could go here,” says Yolanda, who sends out a photo of a gorgeous entourage. “What can I say, shave the Dutch horses too!”
Crown mare Tineke van Remmelhausen became the champion of Kroon Sport (Fetse 349 x Heise 354) in this beautiful location. The 16-year-old got his first installment, but failed to become a model. The reserve championship went to Wendy MFR (Hessel 480 x Mintse 384). Seven-year-old Theresa Alford mare got a score of 77.5 for the IBOP, the highest for the day. In glazing, Willem van Schaefer Steer (Bartele 472 x Pier 448) took second place as the best prize.

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Two more days of training

With the owners congratulating and hanging the tapes, this inspection trip of Pete Bergsma, Jolanda Slotjes and the team of presenters: Jerm Ice Puma, Jalmer de Groot, Ibe van der Veer and Seb Pangma ended. “We’re on the road for two more days to give training sessions, after which we’ll go home,” Jolanda says. “We hope the storm has passed by then.”

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