US Security Adviser: Taliban help evacuate airport safely

U.S. citizens who have worked in the United States and in Afghanistan can travel safely to Kabul airport with the help of the Taliban. This is exactly what National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan told the United States during a press conference at the White House. The Taliban have promised to ensure safe access to the airport.

The evictions could continue until Aug. 31, Sullivan said. After that date, everyone who qualifies is expected to be transferred to the United States. Last month was the official date set by President Joe Biden for the departure of the United States from Afghanistan.

The United States sent additional troops to the airport on Monday and Tuesday to manage the evacuations. Air traffic was temporarily halted as thousands of people entered the airport in an attempt to board the plane. At least seven people were killed.

This article is part of our live blog: Emergency shelter for Afghan asylum seekers in camps in Groningen

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