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An extraordinary investigation by the House Oversight Board is underway into the role of opioid painkiller maker Burdu Pharma in the drug Oxycond manufacturer.

The investigation is titled “The Role of Burdock Pharma and the Chockler Family in Opioid Infections”.

Burdock Pleaded guilty In a federal court last month for crimes related to the opioid crisis that killed nearly half a million Americans.

However, the clutch of members of the billionaire Chockler family owned by the private company has not been charged, however they are being investigated.

Cities and counties have sued the company and six members of the family in the United States and several U.S. states.

Carolyn B. Maloney

The Chockler family and Purdue Pharma helped fuel and made + 35 + billion in profits from the opioid epidemic. Tune in to see today VerOversightDems Chockler family members and CEO of Burdock.

December 17, 2020

One reason why this trial is so extraordinary is that the two Chockers agreed to testify voluntarily today, which is very unusual. They rarely talk about Burdock and their role in the oxycodone and opioid crisis.

Today, Cathy ChocklerBurdock’s former vice president, who was on the company’s board from 1990 to 2018, appears to testify (remotely). She is the daughter of one of Burdo’s co-founders.

Is to testify David Chockler, Grandson of one of the co-founders and son of Richard Chockler, who was chairman of Burdock for many years. David Chockler was on the Purdue team from 2012 to 2018. Burdo CEO Craig Land is also testifying.

Committee Chairman Carolyn Maloney, A woman from the Democratic Congress in New York said: “No member of the Chockler family has ever admitted, or acknowledged, or apologized for any wrongdoing. They do not accept any responsibility. ”

But he called the opioids crisis, which is driven by the powerful drug opioids, particularly oxycontin “crime against the American people.”

Burdock Pharma currently has a front Bankruptcy Court In New York, he incorporated himself Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Protection In September 2019, in an effort to prevent lawsuits, further cases will be avoided and complaints will be resolved.

The drawn-up proceedings are not over yet and many aspects of the future of the company and family members are in the air, awaiting the decision of the bankruptcy judge.

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