US to expel EMGP gas pipelines –

While former US President Donald Trump has fully supported the East Mediterranean Gas Pipeline (EMGP) project, current President Joe Biden has stated that he will no longer support the gas pipeline project. Like the chaotic exodus of Americans from Afghanistan, this is happening without any consultation with European allies. The project was launched in 2016, but now it seems to be at the forefront of footwear. Italy EMGP is a 1,900 km underwater gas route planned.

At the same time former US President Donald Trump East Mediterranean gas pipelineProject (EMGP), current President Joe Biden says he no longer supports the gas pipeline project. Like the chaotic exodus of Americans from Afghanistan, this is happening without any consultation with European allies. The project was launched in 2016, but now it seems to be at the forefront of footwear.


The EMGP is a planned 1,900-kilometer underwater gas connection that will start from a point between Israel and Cyprus and then proceed to Italy via Crete and then connect to existing gas pipelines. To realize it, IGI called Poseidon, a Joint effort Between the Greek DEPA and the Italian Edison. The deadline for implementation is 2025. This does not change the fact that Italy is being criticized because the Italian government is showing very little interest in the project.

Proponents of EMGP argue that the pipeline will reduce Europe’s dependence on Russian gas.Therefore the European Commission has always supported the plan and reaffirmed its commitment in November 2021. Although EMGP is operating at full speed, it is responsible for only a small fraction of total European gas imports, and skeptics say the new tax will not be economical or profitable.

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Turkey is opposed to the EMGP because it relies less on Europe for pipelines passing through Turkey, and believes it can detect anti-Turkish machinations. Russia is also not happy about it because it fears competition for its own gas exports. Finally, critics argue that EMGP’s perception is technically no laughing matter.

Renewable energy sources

Greece was very excited from the start and wanted to kick Turkey with the EMGP. The new pipeline also has the support of Egypt, Jordan, the Palestinian Authority and France. The United States is now targeting electricity connections that can handle gas and renewable energy sources, including Euro Africa and EuroAsia connectors. The current Israeli government is also skeptical of the EMGP, while former Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has defended it as thick and thin. The fact that Turkey is less anti-Israel than ever plays a role, no doubt.

In 2003, Greek Cyprus already signed an agreement with Egypt Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) in the eastern Mediterranean. In 2015, the Italian company Eni discovered a large gas supply off the coast of Egypt. Israel and Lebanon have been arguing for years over the boundaries of submarine oil and gas reserves on their border. Turkey also has energy agreements with Libya’s official government.

In other words: there is some energy movement in the eastern part of the MediterraneanSurprising alliances often develop. And with rising energy prices in Europe and endless Belgian debates over whether to shut down nuclear power plants, it is good to keep a close eye on what is happening there.

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Republican members of the US House of Representatives Nicole Malliotakis and Gus Bilirakis have already opposed Joe Biden’s decision. They have to explain from the American Nass Duragoglu Under Secretary for State Legislative Affairs, In the Eastern Med State. They mention East Mediterranean Conservation and Energy Partnership ActEastern Medical Law.

In September 2020, the United States still supported the EMGP, but it was still under Trump. Washington now argues that the EMGP will lead to tensions in the Mediterranean and that it is not an environmentally friendly plan. Above all: Europe itself says it needs to reduce its gas consumption, there is such a thing Paris Agreement on Climate ChangeBiden’s critics argue that gas exports from Israel to Europe are now blockedIf the EMGP project is abandoned, Israel will not become a gas hub. Moreover, the American compromise will make Iran, Russia and Turkey laugh.

Gesture to Turkey

The US seems to be gesturing towards Turkey by withdrawing from the EMGP. Europe may see Turkish President Erdogan as a tough man, but he remains an important ally to Joe Biden. Incidentally, the Americans have always been urging Europe to allow Turkey to join the EU. In vain, as we all know. The US President is also pleased with Turkey’s good relations with the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and its less aggressive stance on Egypt.

The fact that no American company was involved in the construction of the EMGP may have played a role in changing the course of the United States. Biden hopes that by softening ties with Turkey, Erdogan’s support can be sought in the event of escalating tensions between Russia and the United States over Ukraine.

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The loss of US support does not mean that the EMPG will not be implemented, but that Europe must take into account a number of Turkish needs. Europe is awaiting the outcome of the European Commission’s new report before making a final decision.

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