US wants to take over Russia’s A319

An Airbus A319 whose ownership is unclear, according to the US government, belongs to an oligarchy linked to criminal organizations. So the country wants to confiscate the plane.

Officially, the aircraft belongs to the Global Jet Luxembourg fleet. The private jet company offers charter flights to individuals, business trips and governments. But the US Justice Department sees it differently. According to a report The Airbus A319 with registration P4-MGU is owned by Russian oligarch Andrey Skoch. “Skoch is the beneficial owner of Airbus through several shell companies and trust companies associated with its partner,” the ministry writes.
In 2018, Scotch was sanctioned by the US government. Some of the charges against the oligarchy include links to criminal organizations, suspicion of running a criminal organization and ordering its dissolution.

Even after the sanctions against Scotch, according to the Department of Justice, the dollar transactions were “paid for Airbus registration in Aruba and insurance premiums for Airbus, each of which is a necessary expense for the maintenance and operation of the aircraft. Airbus”. By doing so, Scotch also violated the Money Laundering Act, which led the government to seize the Airbus A319. It is not 100% certain where the plane is currently, according to various media reports, it is located in Kazakhstan.

Roman Abramovich

Earlier this year, the US acquired another 787 and Gulf 650 from Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich. After Russia’s aggression against Ukraine, many countries imposed economic sanctions against Russia. Abramovich’s subsequent flights violated US sanctions.

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