Usain Bolt wins gold in the 100m hurdles at the Olympic Games July 23 – August 8

Lamond Marcel Jacobs is the heir to Usain Bolt. In the 100-meter dash he took an amazing 9.80 time and was the fastest. Fred Kerley of the United States won the silver medal at 9.84, while Andre de Cross (9.89) of Canada won the bronze at King’s Number.

In 2008, 2012 and 2016 Usain Bolt just won gold in the King’s number, but in the absence of retired Jamaica it was questionable who his successor would be. The much-loved Trevon Bromel did not make it to the finals, and other American toppers did not even make it there. Ronnie Baker and Fingtian Xu started the final favorites, partly because they were 9.83 seconds faster in the semi-finals.

Journal Hughes’ bad start left seven players. Unlike the semifinals, Suu Kyi did not have a good start and did not have the strength to accelerate, as was completed by Jacobs. The Italian overtook Kerley and took the gold by surprise.

Jacobs was born in El Paso, the son of an Italian mother and an American father. When his father moved to South Korea, Jacobs moved with his mother to Tencenzo del Carta. He started athletics at the age of ten. For a long time he also combined the sprint area with the long jump. Earlier this year, he improved his Italian record to 9.95. Now he sinks under it in 0.15 seconds. His roster includes a European indoor title in the 60m and hence the King’s Olympic gold in athletics.

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Lamond Marcel Jacobs FP AFP

Most favorites were removed early

Trevon Bromel was the favorite to win gold in the 100m, but he failed to qualify for the King’s number one spot in the thousand. In the final heat, four runners ran within 10 seconds of Bromell, knocking out the Americans.

Bromel set the fastest time this year at 9.77 seconds. On Saturday he already made a weak appearance in 10.05 seconds. Things did not go well for Bromell in the semifinals, he finished third in his series and had to wait for the end in the final heat. Four runners were not allowed to dive below 10.00, but they did. Thus, Bromell was surprisingly removed.

Trevon Bromel.
Trevon Bromel. U selectors

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