Utrecht municipality has drawn up a plan for the Auverwecht-Nord sports park

Utrecht municipality has submitted a plan for the Overvecht-Noord sports park. EDO Football Club and Utrecht Disaster Inline Skate Hockey previously objected to the arrival of FC Utrecht and Utrechtse Rashonden Vereniging (URV), but the judge refused.

Both federations did not like the arrival of FC Utrecht and URV as they have to give up space for this. The municipality has now, in consultation with all users, divided the fields. The FC Utrecht residence will also continue to be built.

“Space is scarce, so we have to deal efficiently with it,” says Alderman Martin Van Uijen. “Sharing the available space is part of this, as we want to fulfill the desires of all parties as much as possible. The arrival of the two associations has created a vibrant sports park, with the goal of allowing more people to exercise and exercise.”

FC Utrecht already announced a while ago that it wanted to use the Overvecht-Noord Sports Park because the current training complex would be so small. Utrecht Pedigree Dog Association (URV) will also come to the park this summer. In addition to the aforementioned parties, Taekwondo Academy Utrecht is also located in the sports park.


EDO only wants to play matches on Saturdays because this will place less burden on the volunteers. So the club expressed a desire to use the URV field every Saturday, but the Thoroughbred Association could not afford to miss this field structurally in those days.

In the end, it was decided that the Football Association could only use the stadium for matches once a month, starting at 1 p.m. “In this way, the EDO is catered to being able to schedule a more compact program every now and then and the URV still has enough space to organize its activities,” the municipality wrote in a letter to the council.

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In addition, the plans can be read that the number of parking spaces will be increased. There will be room for 120 cars in total, as well as 37 FC Utrecht parking spaces. Utrecht municipality said: “FC Utrecht has 37 parking spaces at its disposal that can be closed for the safety of its players.”

If FC Utrecht is not present, the parking spaces can be used by others. To avoid crowds in the car park during peak times, the municipality encourages the use of other means of transportation. That is why a number of bike sheds have been built.

Suitable solution

“All the associations were willing to think well and have already done a lot of thinking to come up with a suitable solution. The municipal council member said that the plan as it is now meets the desires of the associations in many areas, and we will continue to speak with each other so that we can now focus on implementation with Respect each other.

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