Utrecht wins in pot against Ajax

Photo: FCU

FC Utrecht beat Ajax in a friendly match behind closed doors at noon (Tuesday). At De Toekomst in Amsterdam, Utrecht was behind, but Luuk Brouwers and Rick Meissen secured the turn before the break: 1-2.

Amin Younes’ cross was measured as well as Rick Mason’s completeness. As if he were a striker who regularly finds himself in a promising position in every match, Meissen deftly launches from close range. The bleak blow of the FC Utrecht defender who took the lead, in first-half stoppage time, is untenable for Ajax goalkeeper Martin Stecklenburg: 1-2.
In doing so, the transformation was accomplished by the Utrecht Club in about fifteen minutes. Coach Henk Fraser’s team is behind after ten minutes with a goal by Lorenzo Luca who, after the preparatory work of Arjani Martha, hits the ball into the goal guarded by Calvin Razzi (1-0). It happens at a point in the match where the Utrecht club is having a tough time against Ajax.
In the friendly match, in which international (young) players from Holland, Germany, Japan, France, USA, Suriname, Argentina, Austria and Italy play, FC Utrecht finds its way better as the minutes go by. This results in a draw after half an hour. Naoki Maeda puts the ball up front, and Luuk Brouwers heads up with the decisive hit: 1-1. The initial cry that follows proves once again: It may be an exercise game, but the game is played with the intensity you’d expect in a real duel.
Again and again they are collected. Ajax’s Kick Perry and FC Utrecht’s Daychon Redan and Amin Younes were given yellow by referee Janek van der Laan, who even threw Ajax defender Lisandro Magellan the ticket for the second time after more than an hour of play, thus red from sending the field.
In the last half hour of the match, in which Utrecht FC, among others, joins Eliano Rejnaders to make his first unofficial debut in the main squad in Domstedlingen, Ajax tries to force a draw. But FC Utrecht, with Thijmann Negues at the back at that moment (replaced Ratsee in the first half), Shaun Kleiber, Ruben Kluivert, Meissen and Django Warmerdam (all playing the full 90 minutes in Amsterdam) held their ground convincingly and thus tied the win over the line.

The next FC Utrecht match will take place on Sunday 2 October. On that day, the Fraser team will visit Excelsior and there will be a battle for three points from the Eredivisie. The next home game for Utrecht is on Sunday 9 October. Then AZ is the opponent at Galgenwaard Stadium.

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