Vaccination program for poor countries launched: ‘Good for Western countries’

Although the first vaccines are now being offered in West Africa, according to reporter Ellis van Gelder, the Kovacs project faces major challenges. This is because the rich countries of the continent have started buying vaccines outside Kovacs.

“Initially, the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčthis initiative was that rich countries would also buy their vaccines through Kovacs. By working together globally you can create truly equal access and stand strong towards pharmaceutical companies around the world. Rich countries.” Joined Kovacs, but they not only wanted to believe it, but at the same time concluded their bilateral agreements. They still help make donations to poorer countries, but at the same time compete with Kovacs for vaccines and win that race. “

Nevertheless, UNICEF Representative Mark Vincent believes the vaccine program will continue. “The original plan was to make vaccines available to rich and poor countries. The fact that the first shipment has now been sent to poorer countries shows cooperation and thus the site is functioning.” He says he wants to charge more so that all countries can benefit.

Global significance

As Western countries begin to buy vaccines themselves, it is certainly in their interest to vaccinate those in poorer countries. Van Gelder: “Scientists warn that new mutations may occur in those poorer countries, and they may spread to Western countries as well, so they are not only helping the low-income countries morally.”

So there is a lot of discussion going on about helping poor countries. The United Kingdom says it will give the Kovacs the vaccines they left behind, but only after they have vaccinated their own people. Other leaders believe poor countries should wait longer this way.

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Norway has said it will share the vaccine with poorer countries, not just when they are ‘ready’ at home, but in parallel to vaccinating Norwegian people. French President Macron proposed that rich countries should have 3 to 5 percent of vaccines. They need to share immediately to achieve a better distribution, “said Van Gelder.” We need to see if that happens. “

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