Vaccine against monkey pox: ‘Vaccinate at risk’

Whether additional measures are needed to control monkey flu is currently under consideration. This is what Hannah Bose, the epidemiologist at Sova AIDS Netherlands, says. “This can be done by applying the vaccine to high-risk groups.”

According to Bose, vaccination is often the best strategy to prevent the spread of serious illness and virus. “But another option is to treat those who come in contact with the ‘monkey box’ directly with antivirals so they do not become (seriously) sick. It may also be a good and effective strategy,” says the doctor.

In the Netherlands, vaccines are already being given after high-risk contact. “You can be vaccinated against monkey pox after an infection because it takes a long time for you to develop symptoms associated with the infection,” says virologist Marion Coopmans.

Not yet elusive

There are about 100,000 vaccines against the virus in the Netherlands. They are on the shelf for the Big Bang. But it has not yet provided immunizations against the monkey box virus. This is not the case anywhere else in Europe.

“So far there is an explanation of where people are infected. GGDs are busy with it and on top of that: where did the infection occur?” Coopmans explains. “Only if it becomes a little more elusive should we see if we can vaccinate more widely.”

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