Vaccines are thrown away – VNL

We have very few vaccines, but injections will disappear in the trash. This is partly due to the fact that it is not administratively possible to arrange for the remaining sizes to end up in the hands of persons who are not on the list.

Nursing homes and companies in the care of the disabled can still order the required amount of vaccines from RIVM, when injections are needed, often in small quantities. This may be because residents have been isolated due to the eruption or have not yet been given permission to inject. Also, some systems still consider five sizes per bottle, while six are possible.

To avoid losing anything, you may think that nursing homes offer the rest of the vaccines to others, but they don’t always do that. That’s why RIVM now says: “We advise nursing homes to deal with this as practically as possible. For example, vaccinate employees who have not yet actually arrived. ”

Stories are spreading on social media about rejected vaccines. Someone is talking about dozens of levels. RIVM explicitly states that this is not the purpose. “The order does not really allow it. We call on doctors to use common sense and take everything.” If there is a lot left over, they should call immediately to redistribute the vaccines.

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