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Matthew van der Poel is still looking for his high level on the field. The World Superprestige Champion crashed at Heusden-Zolder and stopped fighting after six rounds. His great rival Wout van Aert showed he’s the man of the moment with his fifth straight cross win.

On Sunday, the cycling greats were next to each other again at the starting line. At Dendermonde, part of the World Cup, Van der Poel, celebrating his comeback, was able to follow Van Aert’s pace with Toon Aerts for a long time, but had to give up on the final stage of the Mud Cross. On Monday, Van der Poel got a chance for revenge.

But it wasn’t exciting in the fast track of Hosden Zolder. Van Art’s start was excellent, and Van der Poel is far from that. Although Van der Poel initially tried to drive towards the Belgian, he had to stop his fight early. Not only because the bird flew and only the Dutchman played a supporting role, because he also fell. For the fifth time in a row, Van Aert was allowed to make the gesture of victory.

Matthew van der Poel went on losing. © BELGA

I saw that Matthew wasn’t going well, so I accelerated anyway. It’s been a long way to the end, but that’s not a fault with this course. I had to stay focused, re-laps and try to ride flawlessly. Now it is important to recover well and correctly classify the upcoming crosses. “Of course I try to win every cross I start with and I will do everything to ‘extend’ my title in Belgium.” Once again: I don’t want to talk about it until after the Belgian championship.”

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Behind the Belgian champion, Tom Bidcock took second place. He settled with Eli Iserbyt, who is even more powerful in the lead in the Superprestige. Cornet van Kessel was the best Dutchman in sixth place. Lars van der Haar was the 10th.

The brand wins women

Lucinda Brand wins the women’s race. The world champion defeated young compatriot Wim van Impel after a race over the Heusden Zolder Racecourse in Belgium. For Brand, this was already her fifth win in six matches in the Superprestige Series, cementing her leading position in the standings. Only at the end of October in Ruddervoorde Brand did he win (5th).

The 32-year-old Dutchman had already booked her fifth win of the season at the World Cup in Dendermond the day before. Also in this rating, the brand has a strong grip on the lead.

At Heusden-Zolder, Brand started after the second of six rounds. Only 19-year-old Van Impel could join. The veteran in a rainbow jersey crashed during the fourth lap in a descent, but was soon back to rejoin the talented cyclocross racer up front. At the last stage to the end, the experienced brand has proven itself to be the strongest. Annemarie Worst crossed the finish line after about 20 seconds.

Lucinda Brand crosses the finish line in Heusden-Zolder and is encouraged.
Lucinda Brand crosses the finish line in Heusden-Zolder and is encouraged. © BELGA

“It was a one-lap sprint,” Brand said. Vim is so fast, I already knew it, I couldn’t get rid of it, because it’s so strong. It took a lot of effort. I can still feel Sunday’s game in my legs and Christmas too.”

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Brand agreed that her experience may have been the deciding factor. , my experience may have earned its youth here. We shouldn’t have taught her too much then, because she’s so powerful.”

Van Empel spoke of revenge in his own right after a disappointing performance at Dendermonde. “I rode a very good first-half course there, but due to someone else’s mistake I completely lost my rhythm,” said Bowles rider Suzen Bingol.

Wim Van Impey, Lucinda Brand as Anne Marie Worse.
Wim Van Impey, Lucinda Brand as Anne Marie Worse. © your heart

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