Van Craig against his Slovenian club teammates during an international match | 1 Limburg

It was a special evening for international handball player Harma Van Craig from Venray. In the friendly match against Slovenia, she played against five of her club mates.

The 27-year-old builder plays with RK Krim Mercator from the Slovenian capital, Ljubljana for two seasons. Slovenia was an opponent of Orange, on Friday evening, in an exhibition match at De Maaspoort in Den Bosch.

The club’s coach
Van Craig enjoyed seeing her club team again. “It is special that you face five of my fellow Slovenes here at Den Bosch and the national coach is also the club’s coach.” National coach Urus Priegar had to swallow the defeat with his team. The Dutch won the exhibition match, 35-27.

On Sunday, the two teams will face each other again. “I hope we also win that match, because I’m back on the same trip to Slovenia,” says Van Craig, who scored two goals, jokingly.

To practice
The Dutch team played Larisa Nusser of Borne and Inger Smets of Jilin with enthusiasm and immediately took over a lead that he no longer gave up on. For the team, this type of match is the official start of the Tokyo Olympic Games. The Orange team is already rated and will mainly prepare for the Olympic Games with the show games.

Tokyo is not safe
It is not yet certain whether the three Limburgers of the Dutch Selection will actually go to Tokyo. The selection at Den Bosch consisted of 21 players. This means that in the coming months he will lose 7 more players. A maximum of 14 players and 1 reserve player can go to Tokyo.

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