Van de Rode bak buys “the inner harbor gate” in his chant: “needs more space” | Chant it

ENSCHEDE – The Haverkamp Group, best known for its red barge containers, has bought Sesam storage and transshipment at the head of the Inner Harbor. Including a 22,000 square meter commercial plot. The family business will be three times larger with the second site.

“We’ve been working on that for a while, because we need more space,” says Manon Haverkamp, ​​the company’s head, along with her brother Bass and her father, Johan. Waste.”

This relates to the inclusion of Detar in his hymn – the payment for providing the remaining waste. The Haverkamp companies’ waste collection point is also becoming available to individuals. They can dump their waste there at generally competitive rates and are doing so on an increasing scale. The waste is collected on site, sorted and transported by road.

More space is also needed for the well-known red containers. With 800 trash containers currently, the brakes have been in operation for a while, but if more space becomes available, expanding this lucrative business cannot be ruled out, according to Haverkamp.

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