Van de Zandschulp battles ‘tennis fatigue’ in ATP’s first year

Van de Zandschulp said a week and a half ago after losing to France’s Corentin Mutet at the US Open. Number 22 in the world, who will lose a lot of places in the ranking, knows this because of his very busy schedule.

“It’s my first full year on the Tour and there are a lot of great tournaments you’ll want to play. And you’re probably going to play more than you really want to play. You’re going to play for play Then you know in advance that you’re not going to play well,” said Van de Zandschulp (26). .

“I got that recently in America too, where you only went to training to train. It’s also your job and you have to go out to work on things, not just go out on the track” When I played in Europe earlier in my career, you could come home every now and then. Now it’s more difficult. I have to learn from that next year. “

A year ago, Van de Zandschulp made his lead by reaching the quarter-finals at the US Open to qualify. A year later, he’s back as a rated player and someone to be reckoned with.

“I was able to set all my goals very quickly. Over the course of the year, I won my matches everywhere. If I am good physically and fresh in my mind – so it is imperative that I never tire of tennis – then I can get on well. In some periods of the season I may have to Play a little less tournaments.”

After visiting the Go Ahead Eagles – Feyenoord and some meetings with family and friends, Van de Zandschulp is looking forward to the final months of the season. “After a few days away from tennis, I really felt like playing tennis again. After the US Open, it looked like I could go into the end of this year a little more freely.”

Van de Zandschulp will be the leader of Orange next week in Glasgow, but everyone is equal with him. “I’m not the type to tell others how to do it,” said Van de Zandschulp, who will compete in Glasgow against Kazakhstan, Britain and the United States.

“It is a very difficult group, but it is also a group in which there can be a lot. We are the favourites a little bit against Kazakhstan, but they are against England and America. But then we have a chance in every game we play against them. It feels good to be able to participate in such games. “.

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