Van der Haar and Pieterse prefer cyclocross Gieten, not in Meulebeke

WOUDENBERG / Amersfoort Cyclocross riders Lars van der Haar and Beck Peters will not participate in the start of the Ihtias Cross Mulebec in Belgium on Saturday. The Sunday Superprestige Gieten is preferred by Woudenberger and Amersfoortse.

“Otherwise I would travel a lot,” explains van der Haar. “Meulebeke is not around the corner and there is a late start. Then I’ll be home late tonight and still have Gieten tomorrow.”

The striker from Woudenberg would also love to be able to go out at Gieten on Sunday in his home country. Pieterse joins Van der Haar. “I ride as few weekends as I can,” the 19-year-old cyclocross rider points out. This means that if there are two crosses on the weekend, one of them will fall.

The Superprestige cyclocross race in Gieten, Drenthe, is in the program on Sunday. The cyclists then travel to the United States. Several World Cup tournaments will be listed next week.

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