Van der Sluis Agri is happy with a more spacious workspace in Kamperzeedijk – Genemuiden Actueel

Lassche (r) and Hammer in their renovated penthouse.

“More square meters, a higher workshop and more overhead cranes are enough,” said Director Ronnie Lash. He is audibly satisfied with Van der Sluis Agri’s new workshop in Kamerzeedijk, which has been installed since last week.

Lassche opens the door to an old shed directly adjacent to the dam: “It all started here in the 1930s. At that time, Van der Sluis only had a blacksmith’s shop, and now 470 people work in 8 parts within the company. One of these branches is Van der Sluis Agri. We focus on sales, service and maintenance of gardens and agricultural machinery. Until two weeks ago, the shed we are in now was our workshop. This space will soon be set up to repair damage, stickers and convert the company’s cars, 300 of them are now on the road. “

Lash coming out of the old shed. Ten meters away is a larger industrial hall, and the team has been working at this facility for two weeks. “Until 2019, Van der Sluis Construction was in this warehouse, but this branch has moved to Kampen. Reason enough for us to finally move to this vacant warehouse.”

Jackco Hammer, Workshop Manager, is very satisfied with the new space: “We are installed here, but there is still a lot to do for this workshop to function optimally. For example, a new extraction will soon be installed in the shed and still is There are many tools that need to have a permanent location. Since such a step should take up your remaining hours, customers come first. But this space is more fun. We have eight workplaces in this warehouse, and four in the previous location.

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However, Lassche and Hammer hope this new space will be an intermediate site: “If things continue this way, hopefully new construction will eventually be possible on the ground behind this shed. We continue to grow well, also through our site at Ens, which It was opened for two years. Customers know where we are from everywhere. “

Van der Sluis also has a wide range of singles. The neighboring Agrishop in Kamerzeedijk was created by demanding farmers for produce and bulk portions. However, over the years, the store has grown into a one-stop shop address, where not only farmers, but also “citizens and citizens” can purchase all kinds of tools and materials.

The company still has many vacancies. Look for that Site.

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