Van der Voort joins the board of directors of the new darts organization MAD

After Paul Nicholson, Vincent van der Fort also joined the board of MAD. He will assume the position of “Non-Executive Director – European Region”.

Van der Voort’s appointment ensures that MAD can grow faster on the European mainland, as “The Dutch Destroyer” will collaborate with all MAD’s trading partners to launch the MAD structure in these countries.

Van der Voort is known for being a straightforward and outspoken speaker. Moreover, he is appreciated by everyone on the darts circuit. Darts are at his heart and this combined with his working instinct makes him the ideal person to join MAD.

The 45-year-old North Hollander has grown from the widely acclaimed NDB System to the successful and experienced sweetheart and is now in PDC. Thanks to these years of experience, he gained numerous contacts within the amateur and professional circle. This knowledge and experience will help him expand MAD into the rest of Europe. It started in Holland where he also lives.

With an estimated 100,000 darts players active in the Netherlands alone, the focus will be on forming the most comprehensive dart organization in the world, in line with the UK’s MAD.

Van der Voort will focus on building relationships with all interested individuals and organizations within the Benelux. He is very excited to start his business. “When I heard about MAD before, this sounded very interesting to me, because it is different from all other organizations. In my opinion, this is the future of amateur archery in the Netherlands, but also for the rest of Europe. Previously I loved playing in the leagues and NDB tournaments, So I really look forward to further development of this sport in the Netherlands, but also in the rest of Europe. ”

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