Van der Zee: Sport should become a top priority in our country

REGION • Published on Wednesday pole Jan Dirk van der Zee, director of amateur football at KNVB, defends the sport.

In a message, Van der Zee addresses Scouts Tamara Van Arck and Water Colmes: “Sport must become a top priority in this country.”

Less than full pole From Jan Dirk Van Der Zee:

Dear Tamara Water,

We will never agree on your favorite football club, but I know we will meet quickly on one topic: sport and in particular the unique Dutch Federation culture. This is why my hope hangs on both of you. As you know, in the run-up to the House elections, I was surprised by the lack of sport in the talks and debates. No party leader took the word seriously. Sport was the biggest absentee. Whereas, potential coalition parties have made without exception a point in their electoral manifesto. Flatter the electorate?

The old policy
Time and again it bothers me to make a good impression with the sport, but I keep approaching it with old political eyes. A way of thinking and acting was strikingly undermined in the TV show Buitenhof by actor and writer Ramsay Nasr. According to him, the foundations of society became ornaments. Welfare, education, arts and culture have been neglected in a broader sense. People have always thought of magnification, return, and endless growth. The things that cannot be made money have been cut. “Now that we have entered into a crisis, it seems that the weaker aspects of society are the most important,” Nasr emphasized.

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Wrong choices
Meanwhile, health is deteriorating in the Netherlands. On average, we gained nearly three kilograms, started smoking more and knocked on the psychiatrist’s door like never before. OMT member, Diederik Gommers, told BNR Nieuwsradio about this that the cabinet made the wrong decisions. He says retrospectively, “Maybe I should have shouted louder, do sports and go outside, we should have been more motivated. We should have done more about prevention and I think it’s a pity that the ministry didn’t take this on.”

Delivery Agent
So yes Tamara Water. Your discussions with political groups will focus on the major issues of our time: climate, healthcare, education, housing, and integration. fairly. Topics where the world can be won. However, half-baked work as a sport is not the dominant theme in it. The communication factor with which we keep the Netherlands fit, happy and happy. We do this by taking exercise to a higher level. With a sports commissioner setting up a multi-year national plan with a large non-Dutch budget, each ministry can work under it in the cabinet. You can actually give the first impetus to this. The first sentence of the new coalition agreement will be: ‘We are taking advantage of this crisis to become healthier and happier by doing more. Sport will be a top priority in this country.

I wish you good luck and wisdom in the coming days. Keep your favorite club crest with honor: not words, but deeds.

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