Van Gaal overwhelmed with support: ‘Sometimes I had tears in my eyes’ | football

“I’ve had a lot of feedback in recent weeks. I think it’s fantastic,” Van Gaal said Monday on the red carpet of Amsterdam’s Tushinsky Theater where his film “Louis” premiered.

“I did my best to answer everyone before I saw these people here again. I wrote a letter to everyone. But the funny thing is: after that you get a message. Sometimes tears well in my eyes. Jesty on Saturday when Ajax played against Sparta. You get Get a lot of energy from that.”

the first show

Of course, at the premiere of Louis, it’s all about the main character: Louis van Gaal. When the famous football coach in a black Mercedes arrived at Tuschinski in Amsterdam, countless famous Dutchmen waved away from the red carpet. It’s a circus, with a dozen film crews and countless passersby trying to catch a glimpse. Some scream.

“I love myself, I dare say it”

Van Gaal is in a good mood at his own party. “Crazy freak,” he says with a smile, accompanied by his wife Truss. “From football star to movie star. But I didn’t play a role, I was always myself.” For the documentary, the cameras followed journalist and director Gertjan Laach van Gaal for three years, both during his work and in his private life.

“I love myself. Not many coaches have won as much as I have,” Van Gaal said when asked if he thought it odd to watch himself on the big screen for more than two hours, I dare say. Responding to highly critical media questions, such as this newspaper.According to the PR employee, a Nieuwsuur reporter is sent away after asking the coach one question too often.

The treatments are behind us

In the film it is also discussed that Van Gaal suffers from prostate cancer. Last week, Humberto Tan told talk show he has been ill since 2020 and has already been exposed to radiation 25 times. However, he plans to lead the Dutch national team during the World Cup end of this year. “All treatments are over,” he says of the red carpet. “Now we have to wait and see how he recovers.”

In the country, almost everyone has an opinion about Louis van Gaal: one finds him above all a great coach and the other an impossible man. But on the red carpet, dozens of footballers and celebrities remain cute about the football coach.

special man

“He’s going to look slimy, but he’s just a very special guy. He’s always driven,” says Henk Fräser, his assistant to the Dutch national team. Ronald de Boer, who Van Gaal took under his wing as a teenager with his brother Frank, describes him as “gentle and friendly in many ways.” Sometimes.” “But the most important thing for a footballer is that he has always been true to you.”

Van Gaal and Fräser at work at Orange.

Van Gaal and Fräser at work at Orange.

Only Rafael van der Vaart would dare say more about the national coach. “Look, he’s actually two people in one. Tonight he could be a really nice guy and in the morning he’ll be Asma on the football field. In other words: After Lewis’s evening, we got tired of him for a while.”

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