Van Gaal says goodbye to the orange for the third time without a cup

Louis van Gaal failed to make the Dutch national team world champions. After three mediocre group stage matches and a win over the United States in their eighth finals, the Orange stumbled again on penalties against Argentina, two-time world champions who kept the national soccer team out of the World Cup final after a penalty shootout eight years ago. .

For the third time, Van Gaal says goodbye to Orange without a major award. The national coach was unable to bring his team to the 2002 World Cup in Japan and South Korea. He was successful at the 2014 World Final Tour in Brazil, where against all odds the Orange team finished 3rd.

He wanted to improve this performance in Qatar. Everything had to give way to that one goal, the world title. Even Van Gaal kept it a secret for a long time that he was suffering from an aggressive form of prostate cancer. He didn’t want to be distracted by the international players. In training camps, he only left for the hospital late in the evening for treatment, when his players were already in bed.

The shocked internationals sent Van Gaal messages when they heard he was ill. They all got the same answer via WhatsApp: be sure to become the world champion. The national coach wanted to be at the head of the players. “Imagine,” he calls it. If you believe in something, you can achieve it.

Van Gaal has created a lot of clarity on his way to the World Cup. Soon the playing system was established with three central defenders and two full-backs. According to the national coach, this is the only way the Orange have a chance against the best teams in the world. In the last round in Qatar, he was letting the orange play regularly on the counter. A beauty prize for Van Gaal is nothing more than a consolation prize.

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“We can come to an end,” Van Gaal said of Orange’s chances at the World Cup in Qatar. Not the best players, but the best team often succeed, he says. Orange started the World Cup with a difficult victory over Senegal (2-0). This was followed by a disappointing draw with Ecuador (1-1) and a sober victory over an already defunct Qatar (2-0).

The victory in the eighth final against the United States (3-1) gave some hope. Memphis Depay, who didn’t fully start the tournament, made himself heard. Anders Norbert achieved selection as the first goalkeeper. Van Gaal said about the quarter-final against Argentina the World Cup will start now. I don’t know the end was near.

The Dutch played a hopeless game against Argentina for a long time, until Van Gaal made a successful substitution and saw Wout Weghorst score twice. An error has occurred in the penalty shootout. second. With Van Gaal, the World Cup Qatar lost an attacking national coach. The former coach of Ajax, Barcelona, ​​Arizona, Bayern Munich and Manchester United is likely to retire. “But you never know,” he said. “Maybe there will be an offer I don’t want to refuse.”

Source: National Ports Agency

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