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Louis van Gaal believes Vincent Janssen has proven himself for the Orange on Tuesday in the Nations League match against Wales. The much-discussed striker joined the Dutch national team only in the last minute and contributed to the 3-2 win with an assist.

“What if Janssen passed his exam? I think so. He has shown that he is a reference point,” Van Gaal said after De Koep’s 3-2 win over NOS† “Shows he can score, even if he doesn’t score.”

There was a lot to do about the 27-year-old Janssen’s call. The striker has scored only three times for his Mexican club CF Monterrey this season. Van Gaal sent him an invitation anyway, because five years ago he would often score under the help of Van Gaal’s assistant Danny Blind, who was in charge at the time.

Jansen only reported to Orange at the end of bootcamp, because he had been married in the US over a week ago. For Reza van Gaal, he scored his first minutes in the Dutch national team against Wales since October 2017.

With the help of Noa Lang 1-0, the former Arizona striker, Tottenham Hotspur and Fenerbahce, among others, made a statement on the spot. In 2-0 he fired subsequent scorer Cody Gakbo. Van Gaal saw Jansen’s participation in the goals. “It doesn’t matter, it’s there. It fulfilled my expectations.”

Vincent Janssen participated in the Orange’s 3-2 victory over Wales with an assist.

Vincent Janssen participated in the Orange's 3-2 victory over Wales with an assist.

Vincent Janssen participated in the Orange’s 3-2 victory over Wales with an assist.

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“It’s amazing what’s going on”

Van Gaal also enjoyed the way the orange went straight to 3-2 after Gareth Bale’s 2-2 penalty in the absolute final stage. Right from the start, Memphis scored the winning goal in De Quebec.

“They agreed on this themselves, because that’s how we never started,” Van Gaal said. “With the Dumfries Championship, with Gakpo before that and with the Memphis Record. I love that all of this is happening.”

Van Gaal did not want to talk about happiness after the lucky victory in Rotterdam. “I thought we were entitled to win. It wasn’t a penalty. That kid jumps back and slashes the attackers. Football is still a resistance sport. It’s unbelievable that it’s punished like that. And with the first goal you slow down. Down Tez. You can’t.”

Van Gaal says he learned a lot from this international match on his way to the World Cup. “In theory, I already have a choice in mind. It can be made out. It depends on the development of the players. There is also a number that goes to another club. It is not easy, in another club in a different culture. But I can’t say anything about it now” .

Orange Nations League Program

  • June 3 in Brussels: Belgium-Netherlands 1-4
  • June 8 in Cardiff: Wales – Netherlands 1-2
  • June 11 in Rotterdam: Netherlands – Poland 2-2
  • June 14 in Rotterdam: Netherlands – Wales 3-2
  • September 22 in Warsaw: Poland – Netherlands
  • September 25 in Amsterdam: Holland-Belgium

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